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First off, the nine of you guys who gave me love and thoughts on my last journal, thank you so much. I am insanely thankful for your thoughts and definitely thought about what you've said. I didn't want to repeat myself nine times so instead of writing replies to you, here I am writing a journal.
Make a long story short, I've decided to turn Year Of The Ladybug into a comic book. This is the first time I am working on a comic book so it will be a wild ride. I am glad I've made this decision and it's been a month already since I started working on it. I am focusing on the story for the time being so I don't have any visuals to share but yeah~ I am spending good three to four hours everyday on it outside of my full time job:)

It is absolutely important to me that the story is solid. I would rather have a comic book that has an exciting story than exciting visual. I am hoping for both but since I'm just one man, we will see what I can do about the graphic once I am fully happy with the story.
The important thing is that my daughter is now over 4 months! I am a happy daddyNod  

I am mostly active on Instagram with my daily sketch these days.
If you want to see more of my work,…
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Hey guys, I hope everyone is jolly and happy:)
Unfortunately I couldn't find a developer for my horror game project Year Of The ladybug and I am happily moving on with
my life. I gave myself one year for the project and that ends next week so I wanted closure before I could finally say I'm
done. It has been the most amazing twelve months of my life as an artist and I am truly proud of what I have accomplished. 
Thank you so much for your love and support for the project but let this be lesson for you, trying to pitch an idea to developers
is close to impossible. Even with the articles and thousands of love letters from the fan, having a 2d pitch was simply not good
enough to convince a developer to drop everything and start my game (yeah...right) Granted I knew that from the start but you
have to understand that I had to give it a try so I don't regret not doing it. And I hate regrets. Now I get to say I did it and I know!

You know this whole Year Of The Ladybug happened outside of my day job right? I will continue designing cool games at work and
will never stop drawing and painting. I am a lot more active on Instagram these days so if you are interested in my life and work,…

Thanks guys, always!
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Official Pitch Trailer is finally here!!

Hey guys! Long time no talk~La la la la
So we finally made a clip about Year Of The Ladybug
This trailer does not have a demo nor any new in-game assets of any sort. Everything is still a pitch and not much new materials are in this trailer. Are we trying to waste your time by juicing out the same materials? Of course not! We made this trailer because we needed an official clip about the pitch to contact developers more efficiently. So my sincere apologies to you guys if we got you excited about the trailer. Year Of The Ladybug is still a pitch and it will stay this way till we find a developer.

:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Hello friends:)

Here I am at work, party Friday night, writing a journal on my DA page. 
So! Year Of The Ladybug huh? Yeah it has over 350k views now and I get dozens of messages
everyday asking me if the game is going to be released on Xbox and PC also. Nice!
It is still just a pitch and I can't guarantee anything but you can imagine how thankful and 
excited I am about what is happening with the project. All those nights of bar sketching,
compliments from drunken dudes and hot bartenders..I must have done something right!

I get this question all the time so I will answer it here today.
Why not crowd funding? The reason why I don't want to do crowd funding is because I think
I have a chance of giving this game a life without taking money from the fans. Let's face it,
this whole crowd funding is like a trend that happened so abruptly that nobody knows how
long it will last. It seems to me that it is becoming this tool for people to gather quick 
money so that they can create an illusion of productivity and creativity. I am sure there are
exceptional cases but I can't help but hearing bad stories about it all the time.
So I say screw it. I have been working in the game industry for nine years now and I witnessed
projects happening just with a powerful presentation, without 'stealing' money from a crowd. 
It is my job to make that powerful presentation. Bring it! 

If you would like to support the project with your love and passion,
you can always follow me on my Twitter

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Followme by daveisblue

Thanks to this awesome Japanese LP-er twitting about Year Of The Ladybug,
now we have 200,000 website views! Check it out guys:)…

How did this person find out about it? It has to be DA or reddit I guess?
I am going to contact this person this weekend and personally thank him/her. 

So now that we have massive viewers, which came in much earlier than expected,
I better get cracking on updating and clarifying things.
I am getting lots of messages asking me about when the release date is!
I think I need to make it even more clear that this is just a PITCH, not an actual game yet.

So what is my plan? I am going to update the website for a better presentation,
and see about making a trailer, build more fans and contact studios with a proposal.
What an exciting year!!:) Thanks guys, always!!! :happybounce: 
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Looking at my last journal, it feels good to write this today!La la la la 
Although I have been a member for seven years I was hardly ever active here
on Deviant Art. It has been three weeks since I came back to DA (to stick
around for good this time around) and this DD feels like a gift from the
community! So I thank you guys! And of course special thanks to 
LiliWrites and Moonbeam13. You ladies are awesome!Hug

YEAR OF THE LADYBUG #1 by daveisblue

I am very excited for my project Year Of The Ladybug
I will do my best not to disappoint. More to come folks!:happybounce: 
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Hello Y,all! A late night journal entry here.

What is this Daily Deviations and HOW DO I GET IT?
I am serious. Yeah I am that noob-__-

I almost wrote a long ass message to this artist I found, asking her how she got so popular. 
I mean yeah she has been on Deviant Art for 11 years, and yes her stuff is industry standard
, but having over 150 thousands watchers? I was happy that I have over 300 now:D
Then I quickly realized how silly that question would be for her..some guy asking her, why
are you so popular? Not an intelligent question is it.

When you spend all year making Beat The Boss it is tough to compete with freelancers who
make magic the gathering cards in the cool department. I designed thirty stages, ten world maps,
and 140 weapons last year for Beat The Boss 4 and there is a good reason why I am not sharing
any of them here. They are not magic the gathering cards! Flat graphic, cute little characters
(that need to be animated so you have another major limitation there), and the fact that
I had to produce that much of in-game assets in five months, of course it won't be as cool as
knights and dragons. I shouldn't complain really..knowing how much stable goods I get from
the company but every time I see them artists who draw 'cool thangs', I get furious!!:0
Boy am I glad I started my own project YEAR OF THE LADYBUG
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Hey guys! It's been a long time as always. What's new? :) 
I bought a cozy little place up north of Toronto and living a happy life with my waifu.
Work is going strong still..we recently released Beat The Boss 4(the last of its series) and another tap
game called Tap Tycoon. It is my desire to avoid making another incremental game (I honestly don't
get them) but job is a job and I am indeed blessed that I never have to worry about work because
it is that casual and fun at Game Hive.

I graduated nine years ago and I have been working in the game industry since. I lived a good life
but its year 2016 and I will openly complain about how much I want to get out of making cutezee
PG games. I have been a horror fan all my life and yet I am not using any of that passion in my
career. I had to do something about it.

So i wrote a story for a horror game. It is one of many ideas I have. And this time around I wanted
to push it further so I could tell myself 'Good job man! You actually finished something this time!'
So I did. I finished the website today.   

It is a pitch for a third person survival horror game
Feel free to check it out guys! It needs some lovin!
Let me know what you guys think! Spread the words! YES!!

So what now? I mean it's not like I can make a playable demo myself.(I am committed to this
but not that much) Like I said, I am happy that I completed a presentable package.
I hope it gets talked about. I wish it gets mentioned by some famous youtuber!
And perhaps a buyer will come up and ask me to sell the idea because he wants to make the game.
Now that would be nice:) 
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Hey guys!
Let me know what you want me to draw. Let's rock it!

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First Ever Commissions! How about that!
I would like to credit AleraianPrincess  and  Astralseed for giving me this wonderful idea! Thanks guys:)

I will draw you a quick sketch of whatever you desire. Please keep in mind that I have a full time job and i have to eat also hehe. 
I promise you it will be something good. Not sure it will be coloured or not but, it will be Legit!! 
I would like to come up with a creative way to do this eventually, but since this is my first time, I will choose randomly from comments.

WRITE YOUR REQUEST! I will see what I can do:) I need a time frame for this?
How about Oct.5th!


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Good evening. Can't sleep again, should have bought that bottle of wine when I had the chance..~sigh :)

So recently I erased all of my drawings and designs from facebook.
The oldest post was with one of my earliest Lego Universe pieces in 2007. Remembering those days while reading all the comments from friends..some funny and some meaningful, but mostly encouraging really...good times. It bothered me for a second but erasing the first drawing felt good. After spending another hour or two,
all seven years amount of pictures, gone.

So why did I do it! I had a moment of clarity. 
To be more blunt about it, I would say I did it because I felt rather stupid about showcasing my work to friends who care about my work as much as they care about
all the baby photos and pets old real quick the ice bucket challenges.
In short, Im glad that I decided to stay with DA this time.:)
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Hey guys! Friday afternoon here in Markham Toronto. I am at work, painting what I have to paint for SoonToBeReleased Game from Team Game Hive, while watching
all kinds of Starcraft2 matches online. If I have to pick one game that I could play tonight I would go with Starcraft. Now of course I don't play games period these days but one can dream.
Because of what I do for living, I have friends expecting me to play games. I understand and there is nothing negative I have to say about it. I do like games.
I have many things to paint. One life isn't enough time to design all the things I want to create. Every time I sit down to play, I think of all the things I can create instead of absorbing what's been done.

So I'm at work, painting what I have to paint...thinking about what I want to paint tonight right after work.
It's a gift. It's a curse. The most righteous yet vicious trap that I live with!

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Came Back Married Man 
Hey-yo folks, 
So I was away for four weeks because I went to Korea to get married. No it wasn't arranged or
anything like that, milady is from Toronto, we went to Korea because all of our family is out there.
The most hectic month of my life yet. We have another reception with friends here in Toronto
soon so it's not fully over yet but I'm relieved that the big one is now finished.
Note to yourself, if you are going to marry someone make sure to hold on to the right one.
It's a lot of work and I can't imagine myself doing it twice:)
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What else is new, it's still cold out here.
Yeah, sure it's not the worst but as I get older, rather happily, it feels colder every year. I need to exercise more clearly.
Anywho, came back to DA again. Really, really meaning to stay longer this time around. I paused all my business ideas and decided
just to focus on my loving fulltime job as a lead artist. I work hard and I deserve to be more fun around my paintings. No more 
business related drawings of sickening pngs and layers and...all other silly thangs. More hot girls! More cool dragons!! Yes!!!


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 1, 2013, 6:24 PM
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Hi friends. It has been a long time, yet again:)
I'm going to be straight up and simply say that I came back to deviant to promote and be more active online.
I have a new website

It really is the best presentation of my work in last five years. Please visit so that it shows up first when you google search Dave Kang. Thanks!

Dave Kang

Daveisblue 2011

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 9, 2011, 10:06 AM

Hello everyone this is Dave Kang of daveisblue!
Is everybody enjoying the ups and downs of 2011 yet? It's exciting right?
Well as long as you are breathing, digesting, and be able to smile, I say stay positive.
I definitely need to smile more these days! It's been a very slow month for me ever since I sent my first mock up children's
book to publishers last month. Now that I have time to breathe, I'm glady back on my deviant.

So here is something new! I have decided to be active on taking art commissions.
I have been working professionally for five years now and the price range of my service is extremely diversified.
I did a book cover for $2000.00 when it only took me two days to finish it, whereas I remember spending forty something hours on
an iphone game map design for $500.00.

My service here on DeviantART won't be like that at all.
I'm doing this to earn extra beer cash, to make friends, and secretly hoping to make this world a better place.

Please take a look at the sample sheet. The idea: you provide me with a good sized picture of you and tell me a type of
character you want to be. I make them for you. Because I won't be doing this with my professional pay rate I won't be able to do multiple revisions.
When you pay for a street caricaturer, you don't ask the artist to redraw right?
I'm confident that you will love your piece.

I need to think this through a little more. I'll update with the service charge and other details when ready.
I am hoping this could be a starting point of something great.


Dave Kang-

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Dying busy

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 9, 2010, 8:42 PM
Yes it does sounds negative when it's actually rather positive.
I'm just disliking the fact that I have no time for anything else but paying work this month.
I might have to go for the latest Dominance War just to be joyful again.

I hope everybody is doing sexy-
Let's get ready for Christmas parties. FTW!!


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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 15, 2010, 9:21 AM
I'm not going to lie, i was little excited about doing more deviantart contest for fun and all.
Not to be disrespectful or bitter but perhaps I should stick to and gameartisans.

I'm laughing at myself a little. O deviantart-

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Back Kang Back!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 1, 2010, 2:14 PM
Dave is back

I hope everybody is doing sexy.
I'm having a juicy adventure this year so far.
Life has its ups and downs.
I feel that it's my duty to keep the balance between the two.
As long as I have my passion, I fear no darkness-

Alright then, let's update a little shall we?


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Hello boys ang gals!

I just got back from my hometown Toronto Canada.
Two weeks of none stop catching up with old friends and partying with strangers,
complain I did not

Things to do now.

1. the work work.
2. the personal work.
3. the unearthly challenge competition work.
4. two freelance works for extra cash so I can go out and continue to party.
5. stay single.

Have a great weekend everybody :headbang: